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This web site comes from the passion of Randy Blodgett, a marketing and communications expert with over 26 years of expertise. This passion is evident in him having run his own commercial photographic studio, a past publisher and marketing manager at HolsteinWorld,  and owner of Winning-Way Holsteins. Blodgett Communications, is dedicated to boosting the awareness about the achievements and development of agricultural  and Holstein Cattle industry by providing coverage of the agricultural news and promotion of the events related to the agricultural industry through real-time reporting, podcasting, streaming live video, agriculture news articles, social media, Holstein Cattle events, and Holstein News.


Blodgett Communications is dedicated to highlighting AG news and Holstein news. We offer all types of coverage necessary for spotlighting and promoting agriculture or farming information, with our website serving as the hub:

  • Advertising
  • Advertorials
  • New products promotion
  • Press conferences
  • Event coverage
  • News podcasting
  • Live video streaming
  • Social media
  • Photography Coverage
  • Video Production Coverage
  • AG News
  • Holstein news
  • Dairy News
  • Beef News
  • Agriculture news
  • Show coverage
  • Sale coverage

Since 1990, a high level of customer satisfaction has been our main priority at Blodgett Communications. As we work with people whose professional activity revolves around agricultural and Holstein cattle industry, in our work, we consider all our clients’ ideas, feedback and suggestions to deliver results that exceed expectations.

If you need coverage of your livestock (dairy cattle, beef or any other species) show or an ag marketing event, Blodgett Communications is at your service. If you need professional media staff at your meeting, convention or other event, or would like to provide us content to report afterwards, please give us a call. Our specialty is educating and informing people about the latest farming and agricultural current events, getting them interested and eager to support the industry.


Agriculture and media industry have been Randy Blodgett’s passion and specialty for more than 26 years. This is the reason Blodgett targets all his professional experience obtained during running Winning-Way Holsteins and owning a prospering media business toward enlightening people about the importance of the agricultural and dairy industry.

Family farms are an essential part of agriculture, but few know how hard it is to create and maintain such a farm, and even fewer people have experienced the passion and dedication of the people whose purpose in life is to grow and produce the products needed to feed the world. Farming is one of the toughest, most demanding businesses around the world, which has no set working schedule: you work until your work is over. Marketing promotion and support from the buyers are crucial for keeping agricultural businesses up and running – Blodgett Communications’ primary goal is to connect our customers, agriculture business owners, and their potential clients or business partners. By doing so, we help both sides create a fruitful and beneficial collaboration, which is the key to stimulating the growth of the agricultural industry. If you are a farmer, producer or a private business owner looking for an opportunity to introduce yourself in the AG news, Blodgett Communications is your friend, who can offer you much more than simply agriculture news  or dairy news articles.

Do you have something to tell us? You can share your opinion on the Contact Us page. We will be glad to receive your feedback and fresh, creative ideas.

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