Siemers Holsteins Reports On A Great Classification

Siemers Holsteins reports of a great classification day with 43 new Excellent cows, and over 50 new Very Good 2 year olds. In the herd there are currently over 1000 VG and EX cows. Highlights: MAPEL WOOD KINGBOY LACEY-ET 2439G VG-88 89-MS @2-03 (On our flush program, inquiries welcome) L-L-M-DAIRY S S PHAWN-ET 2470G EX-90 SIEMERS BOOKEM ROZ 18034 2344G EX-93 93-MS (Merjack son headed to Semex) SIEMERS MOGUL APPLE-STAR-ET*RC *TV 2260G 3.47T EX-91 EX-MS (Sons at Semex, Select, and Blondin) SIEMERS MCCUTCH ROZ-ET 2521G EX-90 92-MS SIEMERS DOORMAN ROZ-ET