AMS-Galaxy-USA teams up with Jones Dairy Service

AMS-Galaxy-USA teams up with Jones Dairy Service

for precision dairy technology in Mid-Atlantic region


KUTZTOWN, Pa. — AMS Galaxy USA is pleased to announce a new dealer is handling sales and support in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Brad Biehl, president, AMS-Galaxy-USA
Brad Biehl, president, AMS-Galaxy-USA

Bucky Jones, and his partners in ownership of Jones Dairy Service and Innovative Dairy Systems, recently launched a new division. They have assembled an experienced team to form Jones HiTech Dairying to provide sales, support and service of AMS-Galaxy-USA (AMSG) technologies in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

“Farmers find success when they have solid, reliable equipment that is backed by a solid, reliable team,” says AMSG president Brad Biehl. “Jones brings over 50 years of dairy service to our new relationship. Their skilled and experienced dairy team expands our reach and strengthens our support system for the growing robotic market in these states.

“Working together brings opportunities for both of our companies and for our customers. AMS-Galaxy-USA has proven precision dairy technologies at work on dairy farms that fill a need due to issues in securing a consistent and reliable labor force,” notes Mike Brady, vice president of Jones Dairy Service and CEO of Innovative Dairy Services. Brady has been with Jones for 30 years. He serves as president for the self-propelled feed mixer division and will provide sales support for Jones HiTech Dairying.

“With shared values and a passion to see dairies succeed, our teams will work together to help position our customers for success with precision technologies,” adds Biehl.

Les Baker Jones Hitech Dairying
Les Baker, sales and project design, Jones HiTech Dairying

Les Baker has over 30 years of sales and cow-flow-design experience for conventional parlor as well as robotic dairy projects. He recently joined the Jones dairy team, providing sales and project design for the Jones HiTech Dairying.

“We look forward to offering dairy producers in Pennsylvania and surrounding states additional project options for their operations,” says Baker. “Robotic dairying is hardly foreign, but still quite new to many. Having this working relationship with AMSG — an established company with high-tech personnel in place to quickly provide assistance with product information, service, and parts — is also quite new.

“The Biehls have a real working dairy that is equipped with AMSG precision technologies, and the AMSG company has their own technical training center for producers. Both are right here in our backyard,” Baker explains. “The dairymen who have been trained here can attest to this unique benefit. We are seeing a trend among dairy producers to learn to work on most of their equipment these days. Being able to offer our customers a less service-intense robotic milking option is another plus in our joint venture.”

Baker notes that the teamwork is completed with the creation of Jones HiTech Dairying. “Jones has an established sales, service and route sales network in place, with three branches covering a large portion of the dairies I’ve had longstanding relationships with since 1987,” says Baker. “With these dairies having varying automation needs, it’s nice to be able to combine the technical abilities of both organizations this way.”

The companies came together respecting each other’s strengths, according to Kurtz. AMSG dealer support representative Jon Kurtz sees the working relationship as enabling AMSG to expand their sales and service area in the Mid-Atlantic region — without compromising on quality.

“Since we specialize in precision technology for dairy farming, we’re very focused on that,” Kurtz explains. “By

Jon Kurtz, dealer support, AMS-Galaxy-USA
Jon Kurtz, dealer support, AMS-Galaxy-USA

working with a team that has so much experience in dairy service and support here regionally, we can combine our efforts to educate dairy farmers to the benefits of robotic technologies while being sensitive to the patterns of traditional milking. As farmers prepare to transition, we’ll have a team with a great understanding of conventional systems that is partnered together with a team that has a great grasp on the new direction of farms investing in precision dairy.”

“The need to automate various daily tasks on a dairy farm — with consistency — is only growing today because maintaining and training a quality labor force on the farm is becoming more challenging and expensive. The labor costs to maintain milking equipment is also rising,” observes Baker. “Together, the equipment and technical talent of both our organizations will allow dairymen to control more of their service and maintenance costs themselves. When I talk to dairymen about having a local training center that prepares them to handle service themselves, with confidence, they get it.”

“Voluntary milking with the Galaxy Astrea 20.20 is a fit for family farms in our region that allows them to continue doing what they love, and to transition to the next generation, while keeping hired labor to a minimum,” Biehl notes. “We want to see family farms succeed and be profitable in the future. Our precision technologies and training center are designed to achieve that. Our relationship with Jones HiTech Dairying gives us another layer of customer support in the field here in the Mid-Atlantic region.”

To learn more, contact Les Baker, Jones HiTech Dairying at 717.945.4369 or Jon Kurtz, AMS-Galaxy-USA at 484.648.1365. Visit online at and follow on facebook @amsgalaxyusa.



AMS-Galaxy-USA teams up with Jones Dairy Service

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