GDT Events Results Event 205 / 6 February 2018

GDT Events Results Event 205 / 6 February 2018


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Explanatory Notes

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Quantity sold is the total quantity sold in a Trading Event across all products, contract periods and sellers. The quantity sold may be less than the minimum supply if the quantity bid on a product in the first bidding round was less than the minimum supply

Minimum supply and maximum supply are the lower and upper bounds on the quantities the sellers wish to sell in the Trading Event. The maximum supply is also sometimes referred to as the sellers’ offer quantity.

Number of participating bidders is the number of bidders who entered a bid in the first round of the Trading Event.

Average winning price is the quantity-weighted average of winning prices at the Trading Event.  “n.a.” for the winning price means that no prices were available for that contract period and therefore no average price was applicable.

“n.a.” for the percentage change in GDT Price Index means that no product was offered or sold, or no price was published for the last event, or on both of the two previous events.  I.e. a change in GDT Price Index is only shown if there is a price available for the last event AND for at least one of the two previous events.

NZ: New Zealand, AU: Australia, US: United States, IN: India, EU: Europe, DE: Germany, PL: Poland, SE: Sweden, UK: United Kingdom, DK: Denmark


GDT Events Results Event 205 / 6 February 2018

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