Beef Producers Sought Value at Gardiner Angus Ranch 13th Fall Bull Sale

Beef Producers Sought Value at Gardiner Angus Ranch 13th Fall Bull Sale


Beef Producers Sought Value at Gardiner Angus Ranch 13th Fall Bull SaleThe message of value through the supply chain was evident at the Gardiner Angus Ranch 13th Annual Fall Bull Sale. Since the first Sire Evaluation Report was printed by the American Angus Association in 1980, every mating decision on the ranch has been made with the goal to improve each generation. Compared to the genomic tools available today, improvements were slow, but with discipline, each breeding season proved to be more accurate than the last.

The selection pressure to improve maternal traits is and always has been equally as important as selection pressure to improve end product merit. For more than 37 years, the focus has not changed. GAR customers expect a vigorous, live calf with the genetic capacity for explosive growth, a value-added carcass and sisters that can be retained to continue to improve the cow herd. Some debate that it can’t be done. It can and it is.

The high selling bull in the sale was Lot 345, a 14 month old GAR Sure Fire son. GAR Sure Fire K1056 sold to Express Ranches, Yukon, Okla., and Genex CRI, Shawano, Wisc., for $20,000. K1056 is a “rock star” among his contemporaries! Truly a product of this disciplined program, he excels for CED, YW, CW, Marb and REA. Method Genetics indexes further indicate his status as a young sire to watch with MPI top 4%, QPI top 1%, ROI top 1%.

Three bulls sold for $15,000. Steve Rooney, Rooney’s Round Mountain, Chippewa Falls, Wisc., started the sale off with a winning bid on Lot 1, GAR Prophet K216. Impressive Method Genetics indexes of top 1% MPI, QPI and ROI, top 1% CW, Marb, REA, WW, YW and $Beef indicate the industry will see outstanding progeny from this beef bull. Commercial cow-calf producer Jim Bosler, JLB Ranch, Douglass­, Kan., purchased Lot 15, GAR Sunrise K276. Again, impressive Method Genetics indexes of top 2% MPI, top 8% QPI and top 3% ROI combined with +12 CED, top 1% WW, YW, CW and $Beef. Lot 286, GAR All In N5346 sold to Kristofor Kranjec, Kranjec Valley Angus Farm, Marquand, Mo. This Deer Valley All In X GAR Prophet son earned elite status with +11 CED, top 1% YW and $W. Method Indexes are equally as impressive with top 1% MPI and top 3% ROI.

JLB came prepared, studied the catalog and assembled an incredible herd bull battery for their commercial operation. They paid $14,000 to own GAR Sunrise K856. Great friend and long-time customer, Joe Mayer, Mayer Ranch, Guymon, Okla., purchased Lot 16, GAR Sunrise K406 for $13,500. Joe’s industry experience, meticulous cattle feeding and carcass records over decades make him one of GAR’s most astute customers. Theo Costas, TPC Angus, Jackson, Miss., paid $13,000 to own Lot 364, GAR 100X K616. +18 CED, +120 YW, top 4% CW, top 1% Marb are proven indicators this young sire will be a cow herd improver.

Kranjec Valley Angus won the competition for Lot 25, GAR Prophet G603, paying $12,000. JLB Ranch outlasted the competition for Lot 84, GAR Sunrise E166, paying $11,000.

Five bulls sold for $10,500. Lots 32, 34, 43, 172 and 180 sold to Tommy Cartrite, Sunray, Texas; Ed Wesner, Reydon, Okla.; Clyde Sommerlatte, 2 Bar C, Luling, Texas; JLB Ranch; and Leon Stauffer, Yates Center, Kan., respectively.

Five bulls also sold for $10,000. Lots 29, 61, 257, 270 and 447 sold to Ed Wesner; 2 Bar C; Dylan and Russ Massa, Massa Ranch, Lamar, Mo.; TPC Angus, and Jeff Gower, Soaring Eagle Angus, Springfield, Mo., respectively.

The bidders and buyers interested in the female portion of the sale were not disappointed. Steve Rooney, Rooney’s Round Mountain, Chippewa Falls, Wisc., purchased the two high selling females. Lot 580, GAR Early Bird N925, sold for $35,000. Rooney’s also purchased Lot 568, GAR Sure Fire 395 for $22,000. These two females represent some of the most elite and modern genetics at GAR. Early Bird and Sure Fire have proven value throughout the beef production system.

Richie Longanecker, Big Timber Cattle Co., Lithia, Fla., outlasted the competition to own a tremendous Momentum daughter, GAR Momentum 3615 for $10,000. Jeff Gower, Soaring Eagle Angus, has some of the most impressive donors in the country. He paid $9,000 to add Lot 579, GAR Early Bird 3195 to the group. Tommy Bennett, TK Cattle Co., Christoval, Texas, took Lot 566, GAR Sunrise F106, home with a winning bid of $8,500.

Mike Young, 3Y Land and Cattle, Harrisburg, Neb., purchased a powerful GAR 100X X GAR Progress daughter, GAR 100X F86, for $7,000. Rick Horton, Nevada, Texas, stayed late in the auction to own Lot 567, GAR Sunrise 2715 for $6,500.

Four females sold in the $5,500 range. Brandon Mitchell, Cross Bar Ranch, Rupert, Idaho; Rick Horton; and 3Y Land and Cattle purchased Lots 571, 577, 596 and 587.

Seven females sold for $5,000. Lots 569, 570, 573, 576, 581, 582 and 583 sold to Jeff and Brenda Wilkerson, Wilkerson Brothers Cattle Co., Edmond, Okla.; Andy Sherrerd, Wayne, Okla.; Craig Miller, Miller Farms, Harrisonburg, Va.; and John and Joanie Grimes, Maplecrest Farms, Hillsboro, Ohio.

Two hundred seventy-five bred commercial females proved to be a good barometer for value-added females. Rob Bullis, Top Notch Farms, Carthage, Mo. had the winning bid of $2,600 on 10 head Group 1 bred commercial females.

Notes of interest:  46% of the sale offering sold from $3,000 to $5,000

21% of the sale offering sold from $5,500 to $7,000

The sale offering sold to 164 buyers from 27 states.

Volume Buyers—Bulls: Mathew Mazoch, Baton Rouge, La.; JLB Ranch, Douglass, Kan.; Mike Gibson, Gibson Ranch, Paducah, Texas; Sandridge Partners, Los Altos, Calif.; Chris Hoffman, Lindsborg, Kan.; Steven Mafrige, Y Bar Ranch, Tilden, Texas; Chase Burns, Anadarko, Okla.; Joe Howard Williamson, Switch House, Ranch, Wichita Falls, Texas; Harry Wells, 101 Ranch, Marfa, Texas

Volume Buyers—Registered Females: Jeff and Brenda Wilkerson, Wilkerson Brothers Cattle Co., Edmond, Okla.; Joe Urbaniak, Union Center, South Dakota; Rick Horton, Nevada, Texas

Volume Buyers—Commercial Females: Bill Shotkoski, Lexington, Neb.; Rob Bullis, Top Notch Farms, Carthage, Mo.; Jack Shelton, Bravo Cattle Co., Amarillo, Texas; Giles Ranch Co., Bucklin, Kan.

Sale Total & Averages

Registered Bulls


Total Lots                       Category                       Gross                                    Average

223                  Spring registered bulls               $1,220,000                              $5,471

126                 Yearling registered bulls                  614,750                                4,879

143              Two-year old registered bulls               396,000                                2,769

492                          Total Bulls                      $2,230,750                              $4,534


Registered Females

43                  Bred registered females                $256,000                              $5,953


535                  Total Registered Lots               $2,486,750                              $4,648


275                Bred commercial females                 602,800                              $2,192


563 Total Lots / 810 Head                                      $3,089,550                              $3,814


Beef Producers Sought Value at Gardiner Angus Ranch 13th Fall Bull Sale

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