Can Cloned Cows Cure Human Disease?

Can Cloned Cows Cure Human Disease?

South Dakota has become an unlikely hotbed of medical research – by using genetically modified animals.

Can Cloned Cows Cure Human Disease?
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Eddie Sullivan is returning to his laboratory roots in the sprawling Sanford research facility in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Now CEO of SAB Biotherapeutics, the man trained as a reproductive physiologist tours the pristine labs where his company clones cattle. The specialized cow embryos spend seven days here before being transferred into the womb of a surrogate cow, from which the transgenic calves will eventually emerge to look like any other victim of your cow-tipping youth. Unlike run-of-the-mill bovines, however, these cows produce human antibodies — the type that form the basis of your immune system. When purified from plasma, they could potentially be used to help battle ailments that range from influenza to Ebola………


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