Research and Education Facility Launched at Hy-Plains Feedyard

Research and Education Facility Launched at Hy-Plains Feedyard


Research and Education Facility Launched at Hy-Plains FeedyardFood animal production is both art and science involving multiple sectors and stakeholders. The art of applying common sense and well tested animal husbandry skills in sync with proven science and technology is creating a paradigm shift in protein production, specifically the cattle feeding sector.

The Hy-Plains Education and Research Center located in Montezuma, Kansas, will officially open its doors on Wednesday, August 23, 2017, hosting customers and invited guests to hear industry leaders. The panel representing all production sectors, will discuss “The Stakeholder’s Role In Global Food Sustainability.” Vice-President of the World Wildlife Fund U.S. Food Team, Carlos Saviani, is the lead-off speaker, followed by Luke McKelvie, McDonald’s Global Farmer Program Manager; Emily Murray, Cargill General Manager-McDonald’s Beef; Drs. Bob Smith and Trent Fox, Veterinary Research and Consulting Services, LLC; Dr. Randall Spare, Ashland Veterinary Center, Ashland, Kansas; Mark Gardiner, Pres., Gardiner Angus Ranch, Ashland, Kansas; and Dan Dorn, ABS Powerline Genetics Business Manager. A panel discussion will conclude the afternoon program.

Global food sustainability discussions invoke passion and skepticism depending upon the audience. The World Wildlife Fund is taking a leadership role by engaging production stakeholders, large companies and corporations through substantive collaboration focusing on sustainable outcomes rather than traditions and practices. Managing water and land, improving efficiencies and adding value are critical issues that will determine food animal producers’ ability to meet a growing need to produce more food while reducing the stress on all resources.

The Hy-Plains Education and Research Center, located in Montezuma, Kansas, will provide a state-of-the-art facility for ongoing research benefiting food animal producers and consumers globally. Beef industry stakeholders have both a challenge and a responsibility to use science and technology to improve efficiency and health, increase outputs, add value and sustain an affordable food supply for a growing planet. Research and industry collaboration are essential. Hy-Plains Education and Research Center provides a controlled environment and support staff necessary to conduct science-based research and the capacity to educate through aggressive consumer outreach.

HPFY is committed to the success of sustainable global beef production by improving efficiencies through the value chain, customer service and best practice management. For more information, contact Tom Jones, Hy-Plains Feedyard, [email protected] or Shannon Wharton, Hy-Plains Feedyard, [email protected].


Research and Education Facility Launched at Hy-Plains Feedyard

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