Canadian Proof Holstein Highlights – August 2017 –

Canadian Proof Holstein Highlights – August 2017 –

Impressive Invasion of Top 10 Lists for LPI and Pro$

Canadian Proof Holstein Highlights - August 2017 -

Having three newly proven sires penetrate the Top 10 LPI list represents awesome news from

this August release but five newcomers among the Top 10 Pro$ list is simply a colossal invasion!

In addition, both lists now have a new leader as Gen-I-Beq Aikman*RDC (Snowman son out of

KHW-I Aika Baxter) takes #1 LPI (#26 Pro$, tied #4 Fat) and Seagull-Bay Sargeant-ET (Freddie

son out of Ammon-Peachey Shauna-ET by Planet) grabs #1 Pro$ and #1 Milk (#35 LPI, tied #6

Protein). Of the five newly proven sires entering Top 10 Pro$, it is Bacon-Hill Montross-ET

(Mogul x Bolton) that takes highest honours at #2 Pro$ (#18 LPI) and is also tied at #3 Protein.

Also making a very impressive debut is another Mogul son, Larcrest Commander-ET (dam is

Larcrest Calinda-ET by Observer), who takes #4 Pro$ and lands tied at #2 LPI with former breed

leader, Comestar Lautrust (#9 Pro$, Sudan x Man-O-Man). Two other newly proven bulls this

round achieve Top 10 status for both national indexes, namely De-Su 11228 Topsy-ET (Bookem

x Watson, maternal brother to Davinci and full brother of Balisto) at #6 Pro$ and #7 LPI, as well

as Gregori One Direction (Epic x Garrett) at #7 Pro$ and #9 LPI. De-Su Mickelson 11598-ET

(Supersire x Bookem) also debuts on the Top 10 Pro$ list taking #8 spot and also lands #17 LPI.

Among previously proven sires, two manage to stay on the Top 10 list for both LPI and Pro$ this

round. Mapel Wood Brewmaster (Garrett x Shottle) takes #4 LPI and #10 Pro$, while staying

solid at #1 Fat, and Silverridge Album (Epic x Man-O-Man) now occupies #3 Pro$ and #5 LPI.

Two bulls make significant gains and enter the Top 10 LPI list this round, namely De-Su MG

Davinci 11288-ET (maternal brother to Topsy and Balisto) at #6 from #19 LPI (#14 Pro$) and

Alta Echelon (Robust x Goldwyn), who catapults from #62 to #8 LPI with an increase of 218

points (#12 Pro$). De-Su Mgl Greenway 11396-ET (Mogul x Planet) slips slightly but lands at

#10 LPI (#11 Pro$, tied #6 Protein) and completes this list of elite proven sires. For Pro$, the list

of Top 10 is completed by the former breed leader, Mr OCD Epic Dragonheart-ET, who loses

ground but stays strong at #5 Pro$ (tied #12 LPI, #7 Milk).

Mogul Reaffirms #1 Ranking Among Sires of Proven Sons by LPI

Now with 28 progeny proven sons in Canada averaging 2897 LPI, Mogul is the highest ranking

sire of sons again this round for LPI. Epic follows closely behind for LPI, based on his 35 proven

sons, but leads the list for Pro$. Both of these sires continue to produce numerous outstanding

newly proven sires this August release along with sons of other well-known sires. In addition to

the list of newly proven sires already highlighted, there is a group of six others that penetrate the

list of top 25 bulls for LPI or Pro$. The Epic son in this group is Ste Odile Oceanic (dam is the

former long-time LPI leading cow Ste Odile Manoman Model Saphir), who debuts at #12 LPI and

tied at #5 Conformation with +15 (#48 Pro$). Four of these newcomers are Mogul sons,

including EDG Deman-ET at #14 LPI (#107 Pro$), the identical brothers of Delaberge Salt and

Delaberge Pepper at #22 LPI (#88 Pro$) and Trustmore Accelerator at #24 LPI and #25 Pro$

(maternal brother to Silverridge Album, dam is Velthuis SG MOM Alicia). EDG Skateboard-ET

(Numero Uno x Brigeen Russell) also makes an interesting arrival at #23 Pro$ and #29 LPI.

Invasion of Elite Genetics Also Hits Top Cow Lists Including a New Queen for Both GLPI

and Pro$!

Ri-Val-Re Camaro Nady-ET (Camaro x Numero Uno) makes a grand entrance as the highest

newly indexed cow this round with her debut at #1 for both GLPI and Pro$. In fact, both lists of

Top 10 GLPI and Pro$ cows experience significant change thanks to the arrival of several

outstanding newly indexed cows. For GLPI, Sunnypoint 2026 Lady C (daughter of newly proven

Larcrest Commander out of Crasdale Lady Uno) arrives at #2 GLPI (tied #54 Pro$). She is

joined by two other newly indexed cows that also penetrate Top 10 GLPI, namely Stantons

Pepper Freedah (daughter of newly proven Delaberge Pepper out of Stantons Observer EA

Frenzy), who is tied at #6 GLPI (tied #36 Pro$), and OConnors Racer Legendary (Racer x

Numero Uno) at #10 GLPI (#23 Pro$). With the great start of Nady and Lady C, the former breed

leader, Brabantdale Flame Veracious, is forced into #3 GLPI spot (#10 Pro$) and is followed by

Stantons Crimson-ET (Camaro daughter of Larcrest Crayon-ET) who stays firm at #4 GLPI (#6

Pro$). Crimson’s full sister, Stantons Crazy 4 Camaro-ET, is the third cow that maintains her

status among Top 10 GLPI cows from last round, now in #8 spot (tied #56 Pro$). Three cows

realize gains to enter and complete the Top 10 GLPI list this round, including Progenesis

Enforcer Pat-ET (Enforcer x Cameron) at #5 GLPI (from #11, #9 Pro$), Bofran Pepper

Fantastique (Pepper x Brewmaster) tied at #6 GLPI (from #54, #25 Pro$, tied #3 Fat) and Boldi

V Flame Arcade (Flame x Epic) at #9 GLPI (from #14, #44 Pro$).

For Pro$, five newly indexed cows invade the Top 10 Pro$ list including the four top spots. In

addition to the previously mentioned Nady at #1 Pro$, these breed leading stars include

Stantons Bee Something-ET (Supershot x Numero Uno) at #2 Pro$ (#44 GLPI), England-

Ammon MT Barbara-ET (Montross x Super) at #3 Pro$ (tied #37 GLPI) and Westcoast Montros

Amarula 2793 (Montross x Phoenix) at #4 Pro$ (tied #19 GLPI). Beaucoise Commander Palea

(Commander x Beacon) also makes an impressive debut as a newly indexed cow this round

taking #7 Pro$ (#26 GLPI). Two other cows not previously mentioned are among the Top 10

Pro$ and both maintain this status from last round. These include Gillette Bombero Mango

(Bombero x Mogul) at #5 Pro$ (from #9, tied #72 GLPI) and the former Pro$ leader, Stantons

Camaro Emulate-ET (Camaro x Numero Uno), who is pushed down into #8 position (#13 GLPI).

Two other newly indexed cows this round achieve outstanding results as Stantons Great M

Caption-ET (Capital Gain x Epic) becomes the new #1 for Milk at 3368 kg and Sunnypoint 2024

Lady D (maternal sister to Lady C at #2 GLPI) takes #1 Conformation at +19.

Among polled cows, Dudoc McCutchen Rancune P*POC (McCutchen x Magna*POC*RDC)

ranks highest for GLPI at #16 while Boldi V Over All P*POC (Overtime*POC x Epic) is the

highest for Pro$ at #100.

For red enthusiasts, Showbiz Brewmaster Swan*RDC remains the highest ranking red carrier

cow at #23 GLPI and #53 Pro$ while Lesperron Aikman Sofie Red*RW is the highest ranking

red cow at #28 GLPI and tied at #73 Pro$.


Canadian Proof Holstein Highlights – August 2017 –


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