ADSA Election Results

ADSA Election Results

Champaign, IL. During the recent ADSA election the following individuals were elected to leadership roles for the organization:

Vice President                                  Director – Dairy Foods                     Director – Production

Dr. Geoffrey Dahl                   Ms. Trish Dawson                               Dr. James Quigley III University of Florida                        Chr. Hansen, Inc.                              Cargill Animal Nutrition


ADSA Election Results
Dr. Geoffrey E. Dahl, University of Florida was elected ADSA Vice President

Dr. Geoffrey E. Dahl, University of Florida was elected ADSA Vice President – Production. Dr. Dahl is Professor and Chair in the Department of Animal Sciences at the University of Florida, Gainesville He grew up on a dairy farm in Massachusetts and received his B.S. in Animal Science (with a minor in Food & Resource Economics) from the University of Massachusetts in 1985. Geoff completed his M.S. in Dairy Science at Virginia Tech in 1987, and earned his Ph.D. in Animal Science from Michigan State University in 1991. He then spent 3 years as a Post-doctoral fellow in the Reproductive Sciences Program at the University of Michigan, before joining the faculty at the University of Maryland in 1994. At Maryland, he served as Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Coordinator in the Department of Animal & Avian Sciences. Prior to his current appointment, Dr. Dahl served as Professor and Extension Dairy Specialist in the Department of Animal Sciences at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (2000-2006). He has been an active member of ADSA since 1985, and has served as a member and chair of the Lactation Biology and Growth & Development committees, and the selection committees for the Cargill Young Scientist Award, the Merial Dairy Management Award, the Genevieve Christian Student Award, and the Pfizer Animal Health Award. Geoff served as the ADSA representative to CoFARM from 2005 to 2008 and served as Production Division Secretary (2010-11), Vice-Chair (2011-12), and Chair (2012-13). Geoff served as Overall Program Chair for the JAM in 2013 and again in 2015. He has been a member of the Journal of Dairy Science Editorial Board since 2001, became a Physiology & Management Section Editor in 2008, and served as Senior Editor from 2012 to 2014. Dr. Dahl also served on the Board of Directors for ADSA from 2011 to 2014.

As Chair of the Department of Animal Sciences, Dr. Dahl serves as liaison between the university, livestock producers, and allied industries. In addition to his administrative responsibilities, Dr. Dahl conducts applied and basic research with direct impact on dairy production. Specific research interests include effects of photoperiod manipulation on production and health, the impact of frequent milking in early lactation on milk production, and heat stress abatement during the dry period on cow productivity and health. Dr. Dahl’s extension activities included financial decision support tools for producers and development of on-line delivery of information and training to dairy producers and industry professionals. He has taught courses on dairy management, general and lactation physiology and endocrinology at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Dr. Dahl has authored over 100 peer-reviewed papers and numerous symposium and popular press articles. He has trained 22 graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.

Geoff received the Agway, Inc. Young Scientist Award (1999), the Merial Dairy Management Research Award (2004), the Pfizer Animal Health Physiology Award (2008), and the West-Agro Award from ADSA (2014). He has also been honored for with the Award for Excellence in Off-Campus Teaching from the University of Illinois in 2006. Dr. Dahl is a member of several other professional and honorary societies including the American Society of Animal Science, the Society for the Study of Reproduction, and the Endocrine Society.


ADSA Election Results
Trish Dawson, Chr. Hansen, Inc., was elected to a three year term as ADSA Director

Trish Dawson, Chr. Hansen, Inc., was elected to a three year term as ADSA Director – Dairy Foods. Ms. Dawson is a senior scientist with Chr. Hansen Inc., Milwaukee, WI. In 1981 she received her BS in microbiology (Honours Class 1) from The University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia. She received her MAppSci in food microbiology at UNSW in 1994 with a focus on microbial fermentation and food safety.

Dawson’s research interests have spanned the fields of marine biofilm formation, microbial nitrogen fixation, bio-fermentation processes, and methods development for the isolation and characterization of microorganisms. She has specifically worked with dairy starter cultures and their applications for more than 20 years in Australia and North America. Dawson currently works with applied microbiology and enzymology as it pertains to the production and development of cheese. Throughout her career she has developed and taught courses in microbiology for nursing, agriculture, science, medical, pharmaceutical, and dairy students. She is regularly a guest lecturer for extension courses and professional dairy meetings and strongly supports teaching and sharing of knowledge.

Dawson has served as a member of the Australian Society for Microbiology and on the committee for the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology. She has been a member of ADSA for four years and is currently the chair for the Dairy Foods Division. She sees ADSA as the leading professional organization to influence superior dairy research and application worldwide with a spectrum that bridges production and dairy foods. Dawson is strongly committed to supporting the domestic and global growth of ADSA.


ADSA Election Results
Dr. James Quigley III, Cargill Animal Nutrition, was elected to a three year term as ADSA Director

Dr. James Quigley III, Cargill Animal Nutrition, was elected to a three year term as ADSA Director — Production Division. He is manager of Calf Support at Cargill Inc. Quigley received his BS and MS degrees from the University of New Hampshire in 1979 and 1983, respectively, and his PhD from Virginia Tech Research and Technical in 1985. His current responsibilities are to develop and support calf and heifer nutrition and management programs for Cargill customers globally. In this position, Quigley travels extensively to train calf specialists, veterinarians, and nutritionists to implement feeding, management, and health programs for young calves and growing heifers. He has developed, in conjunction with Cargill colleagues, growth simulation models to accurately predict growth of calves from birth to calving. These models are being implemented globally to help farmers improve on-farm management and improve profitability of the heifer enterprise.

Prior to joining Cargill Animal Nutrition, Quigley held research (1998–2004) and management positions (2008–2012) with APC Inc., in Ankeny, Iowa. He was also vice president for Worldwide Research with Diamond V Mills (2004–2007) and served as assistant and associate professor at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, from 1988 to 1998.

Quigley’s research centers on nutrition and management of young calves and heifers. He has authored 88 refereed journal articles, 115 abstracts, 3 book chapters, and numerous proceedings articles for conferences worldwide. Quigley is coauthor on two patents. While at the University of Tennessee, he advised 13 graduate students, and he served on several graduate committees while serving as an adjunct faculty member at Iowa State University from 1999 to 2012. Quigley is also a popular speaker and has presented seminars at conferences and symposia worldwide.

Quigley received the T. J. Whatley Distinguished Young Scientist Award from the University of Tennessee in 1994, the Gamma Sigma Delta Research Award of Merit at the University of Tennessee in 1996, and the 1999 ADSA Merial Dairy Management Award and was selected as a Diplomate, American College of Animal Nutrition, American Registry of Animal Sciences in 2011.

Quigley’s research has focused on the growth, development, and health of young calves and heifers. He has contributed extensively to the development and availability of safe and efficacious alternatives to maternal colostrum, the understanding of rumen and digestive development in young dairy calves, and feeding programs for calves and heifers to optimize growth and body composition. Throughout his career, Quigley has focused on solving practical problems faced by dairy producers and on the idea that healthy calves. that are fed and managed properly will become productive cows and ensure the future of the dairy industry.

Quigley has also provided technical information to government agencies, including the USDA Center for Veterinary Biologics and the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine, members of Congress, and advisors to the president. He has contributed technical information to agencies in the governments of Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, and the United Kingdom on topics related to calf and heifer management and welfare.

He has been a member of ADSA since 1981 and has served the association in a number of capacities, including chair of the ADSA Microcomputer Subcommittee (1990); ADSA Management Committee (1991–1994); editorial board of the Journal of Dairy Science (1992–1996); vice chair (1993) and chair (1994) of the ADSA Informal Calf Conference; ADSA representative (1992–1996) and chair (1996) of the Bovine Alliance on Management and Nutrition; director, Southern Branch, ADSA (1996–1997); secretary-treasurer (1999), vice president (2000), president (2001), and past president (2002) of the Midwest Branch, ADSA; and member of the ADSA Production Division Council (1999–2001).

In addition to his professional activities, Quigley is an accomplished athlete and has competed in 27 marathons and two half-ironman triathlons.

ADSA Election Results


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