Lallemand Animal Nutrition announces ProTernative® 10 Titan® in Mexico

Lallemand Animal Nutrition announces ProTernative® 10 Titan®

Patented technology allows the active dry yeast probiotic to be used in pelleted feeds

MILWAUKEE – May 09, 2017 – Lallemand Animal Nutrition announces ProTernative® 10 Titan® is now available to Mexican cattle producers (authorization with SAGARPA A-0551-014). ProTernative is a proven active dry yeast (ADY) probiotic that positively activates the immune system of cattle during times of stress.

“ProTernative works in the lower gut to influence the animal’s natural immunity through an internal process that only a specific, robust and active live yeast can deliver,” explains Bernardo Ramirez, DVM, Country Manager for Mexico, Lallemand Animal Nutrition. “It naturally activates cattle’s immune system and decreases the need for treatment with an alternative preventative approach.”

Lallemand Animal Nutrition announces ProTernative® 10 Titan®

Now, Mexican cattle producers can incorporate ProTernative into pelleted feeds. Titan is a patented micro-encapsulation technology that allows for the ADY to undergo the high heat of the pelletization process and remain viable.

“It’s important for probiotics to remain viable,” Dr. Ramirez says. “Keeping ProTernative alive all the way to the feed bunk helps it initiate an active process of stimulating microflora, enhancing lower gut health and interacting with the immune system.”

The activity of ProTernative fuels visible reactions to everyday natural challenges, including:

  • Improved cattle feed uptake2
  • Lowered morbidity2
  • Lowered mortality2
  • Improved average daily gain2
  • Reduced fever3
  • Alleviated stress

In cattle, stress can occur at any age, and ProTernative can be fed during any situation when an animal is exposed to stress, including exposure to heat, abrupt feed changes, transportation or weaning.

Stressed cattle can be fed ProTernative as long, and as often, as producers and their veterinarian deem necessary. Typically, it is fed between 21 and 60 days. In addition, ProTernative can be used in conjunction with in-feed or injectable antibiotic programs. ProTernative is easy to feed and requires no withdrawal period. For low inclusion applications, ProTernative 20 also is approved (authorization with SAGARPA A – 0551 – 011) and is ideal for use in non-pelleted feeds and vitamin-mineral premixes.

“Keeping animals in top condition can mean fewer pulls,  lower morbidity and mortality, better feed conversion and higher performance levels,” Dr. Ramirez says. “Including ProTernative in rations is an important first step to naturally influencing animal health and performance.”


Lallemand Animal Nutrition announces ProTernative® 10 Titan®

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