Updates and Sale Order for Jericho Dispersal Sale May 3rd

Updates and Sale Order for Jericho Dispersal Sale May 3rd

Final updates  and sale order for the great Jericho Dairy Dispersal May 3rd.

Updates and Sale Order for Jericho Dispersal Sale May 3rd

BAA 113% with 43EX & 34VG!  64 Heifers sell from EX dams!

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Updates and Sale Order for Jericho Dispersal Sale May 3rd

Jericho Dairy Complete Holstein Dispersal – May 3, 2017

Sale Updates

1Pregnant, 93,000 SCC average last record. Now 146,268M LT. Responds to Ocytocin.
280lbs 3.3/3.2, SCC 65,000 average, pregnant.
3Pregnant to sexed Atwood!
4Pregnant to sexed Solomon!
6Pregnant to sexed Atwood!
9Pregnant, 49lbs 4.7/4.6. LT 118,151M. SCC avg. 208,000 this year. Responds to Ocytocin. She is special!
10Now dry & due 10-12 to Wilson. High SCC this year.
11Bred 4-25 to Delight 7H12922
12Pregnant to sexed Atwood!
13Will be pregnancy checked sale morning.
1451lbs 4.5/4.2, bred 4-27 to Wilson. SCC avg. 92,000.
17Pregnant, dry & due 11/14 to Hypnotic! High SCC average last record.
18118lbs 3.9/3.0. Ready to flush or breed! SCC 18,000.   Great cow to build a herd on!
20Pregnant to sexed Defiant!
2183lbs 4.4/3.1. Bred 4-20 to Roylane Jordan. SCC 69,000 avg.
2376lbs 4.0/3.5. Pregnant.   SCC 35,000 avg. Will show light left rear but a lovely young cow!
2568lbs 4.2/3.6. Pregnant!   SCC 93,000 avg.
26Beautiful udder, due in mide June! SCC was high on last record.
2766lbs 5.0/4.1. Responds to Ocytocin. SCC now 348,000 and average is higher. Little light left front.
29104lbs 4.7/3.0. Sells ready to breed or flush! Amazing cow!
3155lbs 4.4/3.2. Bred 4-22 to Wilson 7H12921. SCC 63,000 avg.
3249lbs 4.4/3.6. Pregnant to Atwood! SCC 213,000 avg. Great cow to breed from!
3389lbs 3.5/3.2. SCC 224,000 avg. Pregnant.   Responds to Ocytocin.
3470lbs recent test. SCC 81,000.   Bred 4-19 to Jacoby 250H12589.   Very fancy!
35Pregnant to sexed Awesome Red!
37Springing heavy to Gold Chip! Responds to Ocytocin. She was high SCC last year. Powerhouse individual!
38Bred 4-20 to Delight 7H12922
3955lbs 3.5/3.4. SCC 133,000 avg. Pregnant.   Mark her strong & deep, what a cow!
4097lbs 3.6/3.0, SCC 150,000 avg. Smashing individual & everyone will ask after the sale who bought lot 40!
41Pregnant. Her dam is sired by Atwood & sells as lot 40!


42Her dam is sired by Atwood & sells as lot 40!
43Pregnant to sexed Atwood!
44Looks incredible! Dry & due to Atwood! SCC 253,000 avg.
4576lbs 4.0/3.4. SCC 36,000 avg. Pregnant.
47Pregnant to sexed Solomon!
4868lbs 4.0/3.4. SCC 46,000 avg. Pregnant.   Looks tremendous!
5266lbs 3.4/3.3. SCC 133,000 avg. Pregnant & looks stellar!
54Dry. LT 101,256M. High SCC average last record.
55Pregnant, due 6-8. SCC 110,000 avg. recent record.
56This awesome cow has been left open to flush! Still milking 49lbs 3.5/3.5. Responds to Ocytocin. SCC 307,000 avg.
57Dry. SCC 29,000 last test. Pregnant.
5962lbs 4.0/3.4. Pregnant.   SCC 134,000 avg.
61Pregnant to sexed Defiant!
63Out of sale.
63 1/2Born 4-24-17. Sired by Diamondback. Jericho-Dairy Outwita Bang.
64Dry, pregnant. SCC 129,000 avg.
65Pregnant. Her dam is lot 63 in the catalog, please note this!
6695lbs 4.5/2.6. Sells ready to breed or flush. Runs higher on SCC.
68114lbs 4.5/2.9. SCC 31,000.
69Pregnant to sexed Awesome Red!
7053lbs 5.4/3.9. She is bred to Brady 76H639 not Byway, due 8-21-17. SCC 91,000 avg.
7251lbs 4.2/3.5. Pregnant.   High SCC average.
74Dry. Lovely young cow! SCC 292,000 avg.
76127lbs 3.2/2.8. SCC 47,000 avg. Conventional flush on 4-2-17 resulted in 9#1, 2#2, 2 Unfertile & 4 Degenerate embryos!   She will make someone a fortune!   Responds to Ocytocin
76AThese embryos are sired by Goldchip not Atwood.
77One of the most valuable females to sell in 2017! She is a Jr. 2yr old! Tall, long, style, dairy. Calve her in & head to WDE & Royal!
78Dry. Due 6-15 to Advent red! Ran higher on SCC last record but who cares! Make embryos & calves from her to sell for years!
78AThese embryos are sired by Atwood not Advent.
81Pregnant to sexed Solomon!
84Bred 4-20 to Delight 7H12922


86AHerd sire, AI companies are not allowed to bid, just breeders!
8899lbs 4.4/3.5. SCC avg. 207,000. Bred 4-14 to Goldchip.
89112lbs recent test. SCC 53,000 avg. Really cut right! Will score high!
90Pregnant to sexed Solomon.
91She sells ready to breed.
92Dry, due 10-25 to Jacoby! Tremendous cow to harvest embryos from! SCC was 196,000 avg.
9364lbs with SCC avg. 52,000. Pregnant to Doorman.
95She is bred to Callen on 1-30 & pregnant.
96She is bred to Diamondback on 3-8 and pregnant.
99114lbs 4.5/3.2 on 1st test. SCC 93,000.
10074lbs 4.1/3.5. SCC 46,000 avg. Pregnant.
102Will be vet examined sale morning for pregnancy. Smashing young cow!
103Dry. SCC avg was 375,000. She is a Rock Star!
104Born 9-19-15. Pregnant to sexed Atwood.
105Dry & due 8-16 to Atwood! Carries a smashing udder with tremendous width! SCC 305,000 avg.
10678lbs last test, SCC 326,000 avg.
107Out of sale.
109Pregnant. Could be bigtime!
111Bred 4-24 to Delight 7H12922. 40lbs 4.6/3.6. SCC 214,000 avg.
11393lbs 3.5/3.2. Pregnant to Goldchip. High SCC.
114Dry. SCC 101,000 avg. Looks fantastic!
11674lbs 3.4/2.9. SCC 46,000 avg.
11885lbs recent test. SCC 37,000 avg. Pregnant.
12085lbs 4.1/3.5. Pregnant to Solomon. SCC 409,000 avg. A very special young cow!
122Bred 4-29 to Wilson 7H12921. 45lbs 4.6/3.5. SCC 227,000 avg.
1241st test 95lbs 4.1/3.9. High SCC on 1st test.
12564lbs 4.7/2.6 on 1st test. Ran extremely high SCC.
127114lbs 3.5/2.6. SCC 28,000 avg. One of the stars of this great sale!!!!!
13083lbs 4.4/2.8. SCC 52,000 avg. Bred 4-13 to Delight. Sensational young cow!
131Pregnant to Awesome Red sexed semen.
13370lbs 3.4/3.1. Pregnant to Flip. High SCC avg.
13483lbs recent test. Pregnant.   SCC 373,000 avg. Hangs a little different right rear.


13674lbs 4.1/3.1. SCC 22,000 avg. Pregnant.   A barn favorite!
14085lbs recent test. Bred 4-17 to Scientific Drive 200H10805. Responds to Ocytocin. SCC avg, 497,000.
14293lbs recent test. SCC 35,000 avg. (She prefers to be milked with cow kickers on!)
143Dry & looks fantastic! SCC 137,000 avg.
144Bred 4-22 to Delight 7H12922
14549lbs recent test. SCC 148,000 avg. Pregnant with Goldchip embryo from lot #1 Barley!
14664lbs 3.6/3.4. SCC 84,000 avg. Bed 4-28 to Delight 7H12922. (She slipped twins 4 weeks ago & came right back in heat!)   Great young cow!
148Pregnant to sexed Defiant!
15066lbs 4.1/3.0, SCC 62,000 avg 1st test.
15180lbs 3.3/3.3. SCC 200,000 avg. Pregnant.
15383lbs 4.0/3.1. SCC 187,000 last test. 3/4 cow.
15562lbs 3.7/3.9. Pregnant. SCC 224, 000 avg. Little arthritic.
15772lbs 4.2/4.1. Vet will check for pregnancy sale morning. Extremely high SCC.
15874lbs. Recent test. Pregnant with embryo! Has high SCC avg. Light left rear.
159101lbs. SCC 120,000 avg. Pregnant.
16168lbs 4.3/3.7. SCC 180,000 avg. Bred 4-9 to Goldchip, not Drive!
162Pregnant to sexed Defiant!
16362lbs 4.2/3.6. Bred 4-29 to Wilson 7H12921.
16589lbs recent test. SCC 42,000 avg. Pregnant.   Light left front.
16791lbs 4.0/2.8. SCC 92,000 avg. Bred 4-20 to Jacoby. Now over 180,000M LT.
17253lbs. 3.6/3.5, SCC 32,000 avg. Pregnant.


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