Journal of Dairy Science: May 2017 (Volume 100, Issue 5)

Journal of Dairy Science May 2017 (Volume 100, Issue 5)
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Invited Reviews

Invited review: Determinants of farmers’ adoption of management-based strategies for infectious disease prevention and control 
Caroline Ritter, Jolanda Jansen, Steven Roche, David F. Kelton, Cindy L. Adams, Karin Orsel, Ron J. Erskine, Geart Benedictus, Theo J.G.M. Lam, Herman W. Barkema
Dairy Foods: Bioactivity and Human Health

Variants of β-casofensin, a bioactive milk peptide, differently modulate the intestinal barrier: In vivo and ex vivo studies in rats 
Jérémie Bruno, Aurélie Nicolas, Sandra Pesenti, Jessica Schwarz, Jean-Luc Simon, Joëlle Léonil, Pascale Plaisancié
Identification and quantification of 12 pharmaceuticals in water collected from milking parlors: Food safety implications 
María Veiga-Gómez, Carolina Nebot, Carlos Manuel Franco, Jose Manuel Miranda, Beatriz Vázquez, Alberto Cepeda
Dairy Foods: Chemistry and Materials Science

Incorporated glucosamine adversely affects the emulsifying properties of whey protein isolate polymerized by transglutaminase 
Lin Chen, Niamat Ullah, Chenyi Li, Robert M. Hackman, Zhixi Li, Xinglian Xu, Guanghong Zhou, Xianchao Feng
Dairy Foods: Microbiology and Safety

Prevalence, antimicrobial resistance, and molecular characterization of Campylobacter spp. in bulk tank milk and milk filters from US dairies 
Laura P. Del Collo, Jeffrey S. Karns, Debabrata Biswas, Jason E. Lombard, Bradd J. Haley, R. Camilla Kristensen, Christine A. Kopral, Charles P. Fossler, Jo Ann S. Van Kessel
Salmonella detection in powdered dairy products using a novel molecular tool 
Yueming Zhao, Xia Jiang, Yanyan Qu, Ruili Pan, Xinyi Pang, Yujun Jiang, Chaoxin Man
Reduction of Mycobacterium avium ssp. paratuberculosis in colostrum: Development and validation of 2 methods, one based on curdling and one based on centrifugation 
M. Verhegghe, G. Rasschaert, L. Herman, K. Goossens, L. Vandaele, K. De Bleecker, G. Vlaemynck, M. Heyndrickx, J. De Block
Dairy Foods: Processing and Engineering

Thermal conductivity as influenced by the temperature and apparent viscosity of dairy products 
B.J. Gonçalves, C.G. Pereira, A.M.T. Lago, C.S. Gonçalves, T.M.O. Giarola, L.R. Abreu, J.V. Resende
Dairy Foods: Sensory Analysis

Caprine and ovine Greek dairy products: The official German method generates false-positive results due to κ-casein gene polymorphism 
V. Tsartsianidou, D. Triantafillidou, N. Karaiskou, P. Tarantili, G. Triantafillidis, E. Georgakis, A. Triantafyllidis
Production: Animal Nutrition

Evaluation of the National Research Council (2001) dairy model and derivation of new prediction equations. 1. Digestibility of fiber, fat, protein, and nonfiber carbohydrate 
R.R. White, Y. Roman-Garcia, J.L. Firkins, M.J. VandeHaar, L.E. Armentano, W.P. Weiss, T. McGill, R. Garnett, M.D. Hanigan
Open Access
Evaluation of the National Research Council (2001) dairy model and derivation of new prediction equations. 2. Rumen degradable and undegradable protein 
R.R. White, Y. Roman-Garcia, J.L. Firkins, P. Kononoff, M.J. VandeHaar, H. Tran, T. McGill, R. Garnett, M.D. Hanigan
Open Access
Representing interconversions among volatile fatty acids in the Molly cow model 
S. Ghimire, R.A. Kohn, P. Gregorini, R.R. White, M.D. Hanigan
Relationships between body condition score change, prior mid-lactation phenotypic residual feed intake, and hyperketonemia onset in transition dairy cows 
Francesca M. Rathbun, Ryan S. Pralle, Sandra J. Bertics, Louis E. Armentano, K. Cho, C. Do, Kent A. Weigel, Heather M. White
Relationships between early-life growth, intake, and birth season with first-lactation performance of Holstein dairy cows 
H. Chester-Jones, B.J. Heins, D. Ziegler, D. Schimek, S. Schuling, B. Ziegler, M.B. de Ondarza, C.J. Sniffen, N. Broadwater
Production: Breeding, Genetics, and Genomics

Heritabilities of measured and mid-infrared predicted milk fat globule size, milk fat and protein percentages, and their genetic correlations 
A. Fleming, F.S. Schenkel, A. Koeck, F. Malchiodi, R.A. Ali, M. Corredig, B. Mallard, M. Sargolzaei, F. Miglior
A reaction norm sire model to study the effect of metabolic challenge in early lactation on the functional longevity of dairy cows 
N.-T. Ha, A.R. Sharifi, J. Heise, M. Schlather, U. Schnyder, J.J. Gross, F. Schmitz-Hsu, R.M. Bruckmaier, H. Simianer
Production: Health, Behavior, and Well-being

Benchmarking passive transfer of immunity and growth in dairy calves 
D.J. Atkinson, M.A.G. von Keyserlingk, D.M. Weary
Antibiotic treatment of metritis in dairy cows—A meta-analysis 
P. Haimerl, S. Arlt, S. Borchardt, W. Heuwieser
Risk factors associated with postpartum subclinical hypocalcemia in dairy cows 
R.C. Neves, B.M. Leno, T. Stokol, T.R. Overton, J.A.A. McArt
Open Access
Application of a bacteriological on-farm test to reduce antimicrobial usage in dairy cows with purulent vaginal discharge 
L.V. Madoz, I. Prunner, M. Jaureguiberry, C.-C. Gelfert, R.L. de la Sota, M.J. Giuliodori, M. Drillich
Comparative composition, diversity, and abundance of oligosaccharides in early lactation milk from commercial dairy and beef cows 
William M. Sischo, Diana M. Short, Mareen Geissler, Apichaya Bunyatratchata, Daniela Barile
Open Access
Adoption and consistency of application of premilking preparation in Ontario dairy herds 
E. Belage, S. Dufour, D.A. Shock, A. Jones-Bitton, D.F. Kelton
Lactoferrin reduces mortality in preweaned calves with diarrhea 
G. Habing, K. Harris, G.M. Schuenemann, J.M. Piñeiro, J. Lakritz, X. Alcaraz Clavijo
Production: Physiology

Effect of short-term feed restriction on temporal changes in milk components and mammary lipogenic gene expression in mid-lactation Holstein dairy cows 
A.M. Abdelatty, M.E. Iwaniuk, M. Garcia, K.M. Moyes, B.B. Teter, P. Delmonte, A.K.G. Kadegowda, M.A. Tony, F.F. Mohamad, R.A. Erdman
Effects of niacin and betaine on bovine mammary and uterine cells exposed to thermal shock in vitro 
Y. Xiao, S. Rungruang, L.W. Hall, J.L. Collier, F.R. Dunshea, R.J. Collier
Methionine, leucine, isoleucine, or threonine effects on mammary cell signaling and pup growth in lactating mice 
G.M. Liu, M.D. Hanigan, X.Y. Lin, K. Zhao, F.G. Jiang, R.R. White, Y. Wang, Z.Y. Hu, Z.H. Wang
Novel approaches to assess the quality of fertility data stored in dairy herd management software 
K. Hermans, W. Waegeman, G. Opsomer, B. Van Ranst, J. De Koster, M. Van Eetvelde, M. Hostens
Intentionally induced intestinal barrier dysfunction causes inflammation, affects metabolism, and reduces productivity in lactating Holstein cows 
S.K. Kvidera, M.J. Dickson, M. Abuajamieh, D.B. Snider, M. V. Sanz Fernandez, J.S. Johnson, A.F. Keating, P.J. Gorden, H.B. Green, K.M. Schoenberg, L.H. Baumgard
Dairy Industry Today

Economic opportunities for using sexed semen and semen of beef bulls in dairy herds 
J.F. Ettema, J.R. Thomasen, L. Hjortø, M. Kargo, S. Østergaard, A.C. Sørensen
Symposium: ADSA Southern Section Symposium


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Volume 100 • Issue 5
May 2017
Journal of Dairy Science
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