Shuler Dairy Farms | Centennial Family Farm Baroda Michigan


5th generation centennial farm in Baroda, Michigan with robotic milking, tunnel ventilation, happy, comfortable cows. Tour today and enjoy dairy fresh ice cream, see calves, the latest innovative farming technology.

In 1856, William Shuler, a blacksmith and farmer from Alsace Lorraine, and his wife Bertha boarded a ship with their five children and headed for the New World-America to escape wars that ravaged their homeland. Their ship first stopped in New York City at Ellis Island. The ship’s captain wanted them to continue sailing on to Brazil. Some of his cousins stayed on the ship and went on to Brazil in South America, but William decided to get off the ship in New York. William’s family first settled in the Chicago area……….

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Source: Shuler Dairy Farms | Centennial Family Farm Baroda Michigan

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