Newtrient Unveils Technology Catalog as Dairy Industry Resource

ROSEMONT, Ill. – Farmers and other industry professionals have a new resource when searching for up-to-date information about manure and nutrient management technologies with the Newtrient Technology Catalog. The free catalog is available online at Newtrient’s website to help the nation’s nearly 42,000 dairy farmers and others meet the unique manure management needs for their individual farms.

The catalog, which can be accessed by simply entering your name and email at the site, includes a “treasure trove” of useful information. This includes a unique Newtrient Technology Scoring System that helps farmers assess important aspects of manure-related technologies and the markets available for on-farm, manure-based products. “Our scoring system helps farmers identify which technologies and vendors offer the best solutions for their farm and business goals,” said Steve Rowe, CEO of Newtrient.

Scoring is based on predetermined criteria, including commercial viability, economic and industry value, and transparency and customer satisfaction. “This scoring system recognizes the importance of having technology assessment criteria that is applied commonly across all manure-related processing equipment,” Rowe explained. “The catalog also draws attention to those technologies that deserve special attention as fully established helpful tools, or as interesting emerging technologies.”

Scoring criteria and Newtrient’s evaluations of the technologies are managed by the company’s Technology Advancement Team. This team includes experts in manure and nutrient management, business development, environmental science, nutrient recovery and conservation, and academia. Scores are determined based on a review of information provided by individual vendors, conversations with vendor personnel, and case studies and personal interviews with customers and technology providers. Vendors also can provide additional information to Newtrient’s team to reevaluate scores periodically.

According to Rowe, this catalog is the right resource at the right time as the industry continues its commitment to environmental stewardship and continuous improvement. “Newtrient’s member companies know that implementing economically viable technology solutions that help protect our natural resources matters to dairy farmers and their customers. This catalog helps us achieve that mission.”

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