CME Daily Dairy Report

CME Group Spot Dairy Product Prices ($/lb.) March 21, 2017
Cheddar Block1.4300+2.75811
Cheddar Barrel1.3900+3.001711
Grade A NDM0.8050NC062


CME Group Spot Dairy Product Prices ($/lb.) March 24, 2017
Mon.Tues.Wed.Thurs.Fri.Current Avg.Prior Week Avg.Weekly Volume
Cheddar Block1.40251.43001.41631.37158
Cheddar Barrel1.36001.39001.37501.378018
Grade A NDM0.80500.80500.80500.80150


CME Future Settlement Prices Week of March 24, 2017
Class III (APR) $/CWT15.1015.46
Class IV (APR) $/CWT14.1014.10
Cheese (APR) $/LB.1.50901.5450
Dry Whey (APR) $/LB.0.48750.4865
NDM (APR) $/LB.0.82750.8398
Butter (APR) $/LB.2.14252.1450
Corn (MAY) $/BU.3.63503.6125
Corn (JUL) $/BU.3.71253.6875
Soybeans (MAY) $/BU.9.995010.0150
Soybeans (JUL) $/BU.10.095010.1175
Soybean Meal (MAY)$/TON326.60325.80
Soybean Meal (JUL)$/TON330.00329.20
Live Cattle (APR) $/CWT118.900119.90

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