2017 PA Holstein Association Spring Show Wrap Up Placings, Pictures, and Videos

One hundred eighty five Holsteins paraded through the ring at the 2017 PA Spring Show on March 17, 2017. Despite the fierce Nor’easter storm that rolled through Tuesday giving up to two feet of snow in the northeast of the state and dumping up to a foot of ice in the east and southeast of the state, cattle were moved in. Thursday saw a great sale that averaged $3,234 on 90 lots.

Hundreds were on hand to watch and cheer on their favorites that crossed the tanbark to be judged by Michael Iager of Fredericksburg, MD (Bulldog Holsteins). Judge Iager had a strong pattern of long dairy frames, with great udders, and beautiful head carriages. Enjoy the class photos, placings and videos in this post. I look forward to seeing everyone next weekend at the Quest for Success and Milksource sales in WI.

Judge: Michael Iager of Fredericksburg, MD (Bull Dog Holsteins)

Winter Heifer Calf Class (10)
Fall Heifer Calf Class (20)
Summer Yearling Heifer Class (23)
Spring Yearling Heifer Class (27)
Winter Yearling Heifer Class (13)
Fall Yearling Heifer Class (17)
Junior Show Junior Champion
Junior Champion
Junior Best Three Heifers Class (8)
Un-fresh Junior Two Year Old Class (5)
Junior Two Year Old Cow Class (7)
Senior Two Year Old Cow Class (16)
Junior Three Year Old Cow Class (4)
Senior Three Year Old Cow Class (7)
Junior Show Intermediate Champion
Intermediate Champion
Four Year Old Cow Class (10)
Five Year Old Cow Class (6)
Aged Cow Class (5)
125,000lb Cow Class (5)
Junior Show Senior Champion
Junior Show Grand Champion
Senior Champion
Grand Champion
Best Three Females Class (4)
Produce of Dam
Dam and Daughter
Premier Breeder and Exhibitor

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