Four U.S. Dairy Messages for Mexico This Week

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U.S. dairy officials are visiting Mexico City to affirm a mutually beneficial business partnership that still has plenty of upside. 

MEXICO CITY —  U.S. Dairy Export Council President and CEO Tom Vilsack says he is emphasizing four positive messages this week as he and other U.S. dairy leaders meet with Mexican government officials, dairy organizations and media.

“The whole purpose of this trip is to make the point that if the U.S. and Mexican dairy industries stay united, we both win,” says Vilsack. “It’s about celebrating this strong relationship for what it is, a partnership that has benefitted both countries.”

On Wednesday afternoon, Vilsack will address the National Dairy Forum in Mexico City, an annual gathering of Mexican dairy farmers to discuss issues affecting the industry. Mexican state and federal government officials are also scheduled to attend……….

Source: Four U.S. Dairy Messages for Mexico This Week

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