Esselburn joins Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products team

Shoreview, Minn.  [March 10, 2017] – Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products welcomes Kathryn Esselburn as a calf technical sales specialist to support cooperatives and dealerships offering young animal products in the Great Lakes, Keystone, northeast and southeast regions.

“With extensive experience working in the dairy and beef industry, she brings great insight and sales expertise to our team,” says Ralph Gill, calf technical sales and business manager with Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products. “Her knowledge and passion for calf nutrition makes her a great asset and resource for our customers.”

Esselburn’s main duties include providing technical support to local farms in all areas of automatic calf feeder management. From programming, calf care and nutrition to sanitation and feeding protocols, employee training and more, she is here to help.

“I’m looking forward to working with farms on the impact automatic calf feeders can have, not only economically, but also in calf nutrition to develop stronger, healthier calves that grow into more productive cows,” says Esselburn.

With almost 10 years of research with automatic calf feeders, Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products is dedicated to developing new processes and products to improve how calves are fed. Esselburn’s work will directly contribute to this goal, helping farms develop improved automatic calf feeder management and nutrition programs.

“When I think about premier calf nutrition, Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products is the first thing that comes to mind,” says Esselburn. “I’m excited to be part of a team that offers customers the best products and services for care and management of calves.”

Before joining the Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products team, Esselburn worked as a livestock production specialist with Purina Animal Nutrition. She received her bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry from Denison University and her master’s degree in pre-ruminant nutrition and mammary development from The Ohio State University.

Since 1951, when Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products Company developed the first calf milk replacer, the company has been committed to creating the best milk replacers from the best technologies and quality ingredients. Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products Company is a division of Land O’Lakes, Inc. a national farmer-owned food and agricultural organization.

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