C.U.D.S. Final Sale Order/Updates/Added Lots, Pictures and Video

Lots of pictures and video so it may take a sec to load and information goes all the way to the bottom of the page.

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Updates below:

1)  Cut right and born to show!

4)  Looks tremendous, due to Solomon sexed semen.

7)  Red factor with good GTPI from Apple family & a really good calf!

9)  Tremendous frame, sensational flush history.  Capped hip on left side.

10)  Just froze 18 more #1 embryos from her on 3/2/17.  Huge embryo producer & she makes fancy daughters!  Just see lot 11!

15)  Name is Mogul Balsam-ET, born 9-9-16.  Reg #3137522974.  Gold Barbara family!

17)  Mark her extra fancy w/+2702GTPI!

18)  She sells in absentia.  Her picture is on our facebook page! 

20)  She sells in absentia.  Ranks in top 10 for true R&W GTPI females!

25)  This is a high RC GTPI heifer & she is fancy!

29)  She is due 7-30 to Sexed Diamondback!

31)  Lovely heifer bred to sexed Defiant!

32)  Dam has 4-01 359d 27250 3.6 984 3.4 932

         Negative Leucosis, Johnes, Anoplas

33)  35% down.  Potential 6th straight All-Am Nominee!

34)  Embryos are at Trans Ova, MD.  One of the most respected families of the breed!

35)  Embryos are at Trans Ova, MD. 

44)  Bred to sexed Brazzle, due 4-25-17

45)  Out of sale.

50)  She is now VG-86 VVVVV.  Lovely udder.

52)  Out of sale.

55)  Out of sale.

59)  Her sire is Bradnick!!!! Please note her sire is Bradnick!

65)  Polled with huge GTPI!

66)  Dam has 2-0 365d 20,680 5.4 1119 3.3 687 

68)  Out of sale.

76)  Born 12-5-16.  Rolling Spring Impress Lucky-ET.  Fancy calf!

77)  She is [email protected] 2-02yrs.  Lovely udder!

78)  Out of sale.

79 to 87.  See Fly Sheets!

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