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Feeding Lower Energy Diets to Transition Dairy Cows


Dr. Heather Dann, The Miner Institute


Hear from Dr. Heather Dann on the importance of transition cow management, and how feeding lower-energy transition diets could benefit a herd. From monitoring intake to coordinating various diets, Dr. Dann offers insights into setting cows up for success in their next lactation. To be released March 15, 2017.

Recent: SOPs for Non-Ambulatory Cattle


Dr. Jan Shearer walks you through how to create an SOP for non-ambulatory dairy cattle. He starts with
some information on what an SOP is and what it does, then defines “non-ambulatory cattle” and some of the causes and contributing factors. He wraps up with some example SOPs and suggestions for creating one of your own.



Dairy Reproduction Featured Videos



Reproductive success is vital to the profitability and sustainability of any dairy farm. Good management practices are an important component of running an effective reproduction program, and these five videos can help improve management and decision-making. From economic tools to troubleshooting, learn more with DAIReXNET.



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Transition Cow Webinars– Now On YouTube!
Over the years, the practice of feeding calves through an automatic feeding system has been explored. Even though the conventional way of feeding milk or milk replacer to calves individually 2 or 3 times daily has been proven to result in healthy and profitable calves, some farmers are considering ways to reduce time spent feeding calves. Most automatic calf feeders are programmed to use accelerated calf feeding programs where more total volume of milk is fed per day but in smaller more frequent meals, similar to how a calf nurses its dam. This automatic system identifies a calf through an ear tag or a neck collar and dispenses an amount of milk based on how the system has been programmed, such as based on age, body weight, etc. When managed properly, this feeding system provides for excellent growth of the calf.



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Mastitis from Start to Finish: Featured Videos
Mastitis is one of the more renowned health issues for dairy cattle. Affecting cattle health, production, and milk quality, mastitis can have a huge economic impact on a dairy. To learn more about mastitis, from how it starts, to diagnosis, prevention, and treatment, view this curated selection of past DAIReXNET webinars, now available on YouTube for your convenience.


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