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Winter 2016 Sire Summary Report

I don’t like to call this my “Winter Report” because I hate to admit winter is here. But by the time you are reading this it’s supposed to get bitter cold. A new #1 TPI bull and eight new ones in the top 20. Ok, only 4 completely new ones. Two more actually had proofs but were too low reliability to be on the list and Montross and #12 De-Su Nominee had milk proofs but no daughters scored in August. The 8 that lost their place on the top 20 – 6 went down from one TPI point to 46 TPI points but are all still on the top 50! There are 2 that actually went up from 4 points to 17 points but still went down 10 placings or more.

There weren’t as big of drops this time. Four of the more well-known bulls that went down are Cashcoin, Miles, Defender and Save – all about 75 point drops. Ones that I noticed went up were Montross, Jett Air, Impression, De-Su Nominee, Sonnek GC Corvette and then a whole host of Montross sons went up as well – cause that’s the way the system works. It seems like too much weight is put on what the sire does and not enough on the maternal side.

There are 22 different sires of the top 50 bulls. This time there are 12 Robust sons (down from 17 in August), 8 Bookem sons and 8 Mogul sons (many more on the way) and 2 sons each of Iota, Snowman and Numero Uno. There are one son each of 16 different additional bulls.

There are 344 Mogul sons that are “active” and semen is available. The top 5 ranking sons are Montross, Delta, Rubicon, Denver and Silver. Think how many sons those 5 have or will have. Montross, for instance, has 141 sons – 9 of them below 2500 TPI. Jedi is the top one – Jedi sired 14 of the top 22 genomic females in the breed. Siemers Mogul Pety is another Mogul son who is the sire of Modesty – Modesty is the sire of 13 of the top 28 genomic heifers. It doesn’t get better – the top 72 animals in the breed all are sired by a Mogul son or a Mogul grandson. All of them!

I’m glad Mogul is a “good” bull – no real weak traits like Oman, Planet, or even Bellwood from an earlier time. Mogul is a well-rounded bull – type with production as well as components. I’m sure those who want to be using low somatic cell bulls may find Petrone, Doorman and Numero Uno to be palatable now!

The top 100 genomic bulls end at 2708 TPI, so Montross is the only proven bull that is equal to that group of bulls. The “High Ranking List” of all Genomic Bulls (bulls as young as born in Oct. 2016) the top 148 are all over 2800 TPI and only 14 of those were not born this year. My, we are getting to be good breeders lately!

35 of the Top 100 are less than 100% RHA. I have the 99% RHA marked after the name on my price sheets, as well as any known recessives or Haplotypes. There are just a few bulls that are *BY carriers, but many more around that are “*CD” carriers. That is the recessive known as Cholesterol Deficiency which is much more prevalent in the breed. I only see two carriers on the top 100 and only 2 *BY carriers also. None of them are on my top 100 available. I also note behind the name if they are A2A2 on Beta Casein and the * in front of the name indicates the ones less than 8% on calving ease. The best bulls for calving ease on my list are Manifold, Mayfield, Jett Air, Destined (RC), Gold Chip and Ransom – they are all under 5.4% calving ease.

Grab my green price list and let’s go down the list and hit the highlights!

1-Bacon-Hill MONTROSS – the 2nd dam of this bull is a Latuch Rolex daughter bred in PA. The “Pasen” prefix was from Western PA and she was Excellent w/ an Excellent mammary. Bred to Bolton she produced a 93-2E cow that really milked. The Bacon-Hill boys bred her to Mogul to get Montross. He sires good strength, straight legs and feet as well as some slope to the rump. He sires great udder attachments and about 1.00 on udder cleft. His aAa, linear and a good understanding of the pedigree are all in agreement! He only had 21 daughters on his August proof but now has 210 in milk in 72 herds with 73 classified that average 80.4 actual and 83.9 age adjusted. His influence in putting A2A2 in the Holstein breed will be substantial. Look for his sons if you can’t afford his $40-60 price. I have 5 on just the “genomic” sheet that are $18-25.

2-Seagull-Bay SUPERSIRE – his dam is Ex91 as well! A lot of milk from this bull too, but not as much mass of a cow – more efficient I think that’s called. Although the feed efficiency figure on his proof is not much different than Montross. They are both right at the top of the list. Supersire has over 9300 in milk and 3000 classified.

3-Sandy-Valley SALOON – this bull has been underrated all along. This bull has big time production with more stature (note he has “2” first in his aAa) than Montross or Supersire. More capacity too and thurl width. His linear shows a little more set to the leg and a little high in pins, but great udders for as much milk as he has. He has 1858 daughters in milk and 1089 classified. When I say he was under rated – I have evidence – he has only 4 sons sampled – yes four!

4-Roylane Bookem BOB – he added 116 daughters and has 515 in 100 herds with 231 classified. Quite high components and a no-holes linear with good health traits at a reasonable price.

•-River-Bridge Co-Op TROY – his dam is a VG85 Freddie from a Mascol from a McCloe Pond Trent. He excels in health traits and is 5.5% on calving ease. His linear shows right at zero on stature, strength, body depth and slightly narrow rumps with some slope. He sires straight legs with quite a good foot angle, as well as good udders. This bull is designed to make cows that you don’t even know are there.

8-Mr Welcome Hill TANGO – this bull has been gaining more and more respect. This VG88 Colby dam has an Excellent mammary and her dam was an Excellent FBI daughter. Tango’s sire was a high production bull but with great udders. This is far and away Hill’s best son. He has a unique aAa of 2-4-6 to go along with his somewhat different pedigree.

9-S-S-I Mogul REFLECTOR – this is a VG86 Mogul son from a VG87 Super from a 94-3E Ramos – which is why Reflector is 99% RHA. The Ramos sire was only 99% RHA. Reflector has 78 daughters in 31 herds with only 28 classified so it’s still early. He should be more of a width and strength bull rather than a long, tall dairy bull. I’ll say it again – the aAa tells you that, the linear indicates that, and the pedigree says to expect that. People ask me quite often what I think of aAa and I tell you – the older I get the more I realize there is something to it. Even as a young fellow I was always in awe listening to Charlie Clark any time I could. He’s replaced now by younger guys but it doesn’t cost much and if it helps you make just one mating better and she turns out to make 200,000 lbs. lifetime instead of 100,000??? At only $10 per 100 lbs. that’s $10,000 extra dollars. I’m not saying don’t look at the linears or to use all young sires or to just buy $3 bulls with the right aAa numbers and you’ll be all right. But it does give you an indication what a young sire will bring to your mating, it helps define a genomic linear a little better, it also helps on these young ones with smaller numbers of daughters and/or these bulls that are seriously biased because of the price/availability as young sires. After a bull has thousands of daughters I would agree that in your mind’s eye you should have a pretty good idea yourself of what that bull brings to the mating. That’s assuming you take the time to go to shows, sales, etc. where you see a lot of the daughters and that you are a good enough cow man to know what you are looking for. But by then there probably isn’t any semen left on the bull anyway!

10-Morningview Mcc KINGBOY – take a great Ex94 cow and breed her to a high index bull with low % fat and get a good cow that’s Ex91 w/ an Ex92 mammary and breed her to a high type, high component genomic young sire like McCutchen and you can get it all sometimes – like Kingboy – high type, good production with decent components. Of course it’s only on 26 daughters classified, and 87 in milk at this point. The very select few average 81.3 – 84.9 age adjusted.

13-Mountfield SSI Dcy MOGUL – I might have discussed Mogul enough for this newsletter, but he has 13,631 daughters in 2999 herds with over 5300 classified. Even though they aren’t tall (to get the good classification according to some) they average 80.6 actual – 83.5 age adjusted. He’s only 6% on calving ease and he is by far the best Dorcy son but there are a few other good Dorcy sons priced right and Dorcy himself is a pretty good all-but-forgotten bull.

19-Siemers Mogul PETY – this VG88 bull is from an Ex90 Explode with an Ex mammary, 2nd dam is sired by one of the greatest udder bulls of the last 20 years – Mac; and then she was from a Goldwyn. Mogul put some strength and width in this tall, good uddered family. Mogul kept the fat % from going minus because of Explode and really socked the udders on. If you bred Montross’s maternal sister (sired by Supersire) to a good Mogul son (because Mogul himself worked well) namely, Siemers Mogul Pety – you get a bull named “Modesty”. Pety has only 80 daughters in milk and 28 classified, but I’m sure all 28 are carefully handled.

27-De-Su Bkm MCCUTCHEN – this Ex93 has kinda stood the test of time. I know – he is only 6 years old, but he has over 9300 in milk and 3968 classified that average 84.3 age adjusted. Linear says they are tall (aAa is “2”), aAa tells me they lack a little in rib (I’ve seen that)! Linear says they have great udders and I’ve seen that. Common sense tells me he should be cheaper because everybody is using young genomic bulls – what are they doing with all his semen?

28-Dymentholm S SYMPATICO (RC) – #1 RC bull by over 230 TPI points and higher production than any bull of the top 40 Red or RC bulls. He now has 1587 daughters in milk and 720 classified. He is only RC, but he is a good bull to use on the good typed, big front ended Apple descendants. I’ve liked several milking daughters I have run into so far. He is 6.4% calving ease and quite reasonably priced.

29-Mapelwood BREWMASTER – he went up again on milk, type, udder and F&L composite. I’ll bet this will catch you by surprise (It did me) but Brewmaster is the #5 bull for pounds of fat in the breed and he is way better on type and udders than the other four. He should be a good mating on the many good uddered cows that need more width, strength, rib and thurl width. 6.4% on calving ease too! A cheaper full brother can be found right after #98 – namely Barometer.

43-Sully Hart MERIDIAN – this 6 yr. old bull now has over 5100 daughters in milk and nearly 3300 classified. Meridian, McCutchen, Doorman and now Kingboy are the only ones over 3.00 type that are also on the top 100 TPI bulls. Meridian is in fact the #10 milk bull, the #7 type bull and the #11 udder composite bull in the breed. He should be bred to the stronger, wider, straighter legged kind of cow. The thing I want to point out here is a Meridian son I’ve been excited about since just before Expo week. If you look at the back side of my genomic young sire sheet (probably the Ivory colored one) you will find a bull called Mr Sunrose Saturn. Saturn is VG88 @ 2-5 himself and is a good looking bull. I stopped at the farm where he is housed, his Ex91 (@ 3 yrs.) dam is still there too. I saw 2 VG86 2 yr. old maternal sisters too. Being a Meridian from an Atwood I immediately compared him to Byway. He holds up pretty good a little lower on D.P.R. but he’s 58 combined fat and protein compared to 29 CFP on Byway. I compared him to Soloman because Soloman’s 3rd dam is the same cow as the 3rd dam of Saturn. And I thought for the money I could sell him for – it’s a no-brainer – he beats every type bull on my genomic sheet starting with Mr Brash to the bottom of the page. He’s a good or better on price and he has milk. In fact, if you ask your computer to pull up every bull over 1000 lbs. milk and 3.60 type and 3.45 udder composite you will find zero bulls. But Saturn meets those criteria – he’s the only one. He’s not on the list because he’s privately owned and the owner didn’t get it done yet.

If you know me even a little bit – you know I like selling semen for the breeders – the guys milking the cows. Over the years I’ve sold thousands of units of semen from sons of Hillmont Durham Lyndi for Hillmont Farms, several thousand units of Burket Falls various bulls, many thousands of units for Mt. Glen Holsteins. I’d rather send checks to you, the dairyman – than to buy Select, Sexing Technology, ABS or any of the major bull studs semen. Think about it – it’s one small way of helping each other out. And Saturn is a bull that will make daughters that may compete in the show ring as well as milk. Almost every bull on my young sire sheet (purple shaded) are privately owned bulls or are at Triple Hill Sires (a small, family owned business in Md). Other bulls that are proven that are privately owned by the man milking cows are bulls like Bradell (always owned by Regancrest), Deep-Valley Contender, Jon-Lu Reality-Red (dead now – but all of his semen was sold by the owners or distributors like me), and presently Donegal Creek Baxter Pedro has many satisfied customers. People ask me often if they are any good if they are privately owned. I always remember that I sold 1000 units of Advent before Select ever got him, I sold a pile of Windy-Knoll-View Pronto when he was privately owned, as well as Ricecrest Emerson, and I sold 1000 units of Atwood before the stud ever sold any. I sold 1000 units (actually 1100) of Tri-Day Adolph that I wrote a check out to the man milking cows. I really thought that in this genomic era that this idea would increase, but it really hasn’t. Except small opportunities like this Saturn bull. If you want this Saturn on your next shipment just call. Since I’m home from Expo I did sell 800 units before Thanksgiving to mostly PA customers.

61-Val-Bisson DOORMAN – like McCutchen, this is another 99% RHA bull that is really holding his own with plenty of daughters. He has the number of daughters (over 4100) but they haven’t had the chance to calve 2, 3, or 4 times yet. Doorman just turned 5 years old in August. He now has 2367 classified that average 81.7 actual – 84.7 age adjusted. The list for actual and age-adjusted scores looks like this this time:

1-Golden Dreams
14-Numero Uno
18-Destry (RC)
23-Rainy (RC)
82.5 – 85.9
82.5 – 85.9
82.7 – 85.4
82.4 – 85.3
82.1 – 85.3
82.0 – 85.2
82.4 – 85.1
81.8 – 85.0
81.6 – 84.9
81.3 – 84.9
81.7 – 84.7
81.8 – 84.7
81.8 – 84.6
81.8 – 84.6
81.9 – 84.6
81.8 – 84.5
81.6 – 84.5
81.7 – 84.4
81.6 – 84.4
81.3 – 84.3
81.5 – 84.3
81.7 – 84.3
81.5 – 84.3
















89-Amighetti Numero Uno – this bull that is “too low” on milk to be any good according to some, must be getting hot because I always seem to be out of semen. While his days are numbered for being on the top 100 TPI bulls his actual score of 81.8 on now over 6100 classified daughters is starting to get noticed. For the age-adjusted score list, if you count only the bulls that are 99% reliable on type – only Atwood and Absolute are ahead of Uno. He is tied with Sid and Goldsun. He went down on % fat to +.25 – still one of the best and he is #38 for somatic cell score – but only Dempsey is ahead of him with more daughters in milk and that has semen available. He is #18 in the breed for Productive Life. He has daughters in 3759 herds. The only other bull on the top 50 that has more than 900 herds is Ladys Manor PL Shamrock. Shamrock even has P.L. in his name.
•Sildahl JETT AIR – there are a lot of things to like about this bull! He’s only 5% on calving ease. He’s #37 in the breed for D.P.R. at 96% reliable. He was born almost 9 years ago! I didn’t double check birthdates but I’ll bet only Freddie and Super are as old as he is and still on the top 50 for D.P.R. Jett Air has a no-holes linear with a slope to the rump.


•Milk & Honey Destry MOSES-RED – this is the #2 R&W bull for TPI. He went up on milk, type and P.L. He only has 86 daughters in milk and just his first 14 classified. I guess you noticed him pushing Heavenly Golden Dreams for the top of the list for age-adjusted score of his daughters. Atwood is slightly higher on actual score because on average they are older than Moses or Golden Dreams U.S daughters. The age-adjusted score is the one to go by because eventually they all get to be mature and its comparing “apples to apples” that way. Moses is dead and semen is limited.

•Canyon-Breeze AT AIRLIFT – probably the best F&L composite bull in decades – and its on 883 daughters scored. He is also #4 for type. He was used more widespread random use than many high type bulls. Maybe I’m just making an excuse but I believe his 80.8 actual and 83.8 age adjusted scores will get better over time. Not that 80.8 is anything to sneeze about. You do realize the lowest 24 bulls range from 74.0 down to 71.7 actual score. One of those bulls is 2.07 on type – 7 others are over 1.00 P.T.A.T. – that stands for Predicted Transmitting Ability for Type. So a full 1/3 of the lowest bulls for actual score are anywhere from 1.00 to 2.07 on type. Destry and Attic are 2.13 and 2.11 PTAT! I know it’s two different measurements, but something seems wrong.

Now that I tore down the PTAT – here are the top bulls: Defiant 3.75, Atwood 3.64, Doorman 3.59, Airlift 3.35, McCutchen 3.23, Brady 3.19, Meridian 3.17, Kingboy 3.16, Sonnek Golddust 3.15, Gibbs Claynook Dude 3.13.

•Heavenly GOLDEN DREAMS – this full brother to Atwood has probably gotten more written about him the last 2 years than any bull (except Acme – who by the way is on my Oldies list now) but I just have to mention this is the first reporting of actual score of the few U.S. daughters – approximately 75-100. Let me point out the areas he’s better than Atwood – udders, D.P.R., P.L., slight slope instead of serious high pins. The high udder composite bulls over 95% reliability are: Golden Dreams 3.11, Brady 3.05, McCutchen 2.92, Defender 2.81, Meridian 2.77, Absolute-Red 2.74, Bradnick 2.73, Defiant (RC) 2.71, Moonboy 2.70.

I guess I’m running out of room here, but there are many more bulls I could write about. There are some new ones on this list that have great cow families and I may only have 5-20 units left so don’t be hesitant to call – they are priced to go fast. There are about 10 new bulls on my genomic sheet and many on my “OTHER” young sire sheet. Many bulls on my “Oldies, But Goodies” sheet are down to my last few canes. Many, many prices are reduced. Notice 50% off on the one side of my pink sheet. You want to buy extra cows from someone that has too many cows and you buy your hay from someone that has too much hay, right . . . so buy your semen from somebody that has too much semen. That would be me! Call toll-free at 1-877-530-2687. I’ll be easy to reach – leave a message – I may just be in the garage. Also I am able to access AI Total bulls and Cogent (who bought out Foundation Genetics) – both companies have some very interesting bulls. Some are on my price list already – some others won’t be in the country until January or so. Sexed semen – I have some bulls like Awesome, Absolute, Acme, Archrival, Soloman, Silver, Arvis, Daft Punk, Elapse, Dresser, Beemer, Golden Dreams, Sid, Airlift, Barbwire, Supersire, Atwood, even Alexander, Durable, Braxton, and Gabor as well as about 50 units of misc. bulls @ $10/unit, if you just want heifer calves. Call me even if you just want to talk bulls.

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