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I am proud to announce the newly formed REVOLUTION GENETICS, a division of JLG Enterprises, Inc.

As you may know JLG Enterprises has been a California staple and custom bovine services leader in the industry for over 40 years.  In May of 2015 I purchased the company from one of the founders, Jack Lerch, with plans to continue serving the custom bull housing and semen collection needs of the industry, which JLG still does and will continue to do moving forward.  With much encouragement from industry friends, and personal aspirations to see this pipe dream come to fruition, I’ve been working on the development of a sister company to JLG that could market the exciting Jersey, Holstein and Beef genetics we have found access to, thus REVOLUTION GENETICS was born.

For those of you who don’t know me, I was born in to the California dairy industry, and have been involved in marketing dairy cattle genetics and managing on-farm reproductive programs for over 17 years, starting at Network Genetics/Hilmar Sire Service and then on to managing Alta California until the fall of 2016.  I reside in Hilmar, CA with my wife Nancy and three sons, Jack (5), George (3) and Henry (1)… and a little girl due in April (God help us!).


Attached you will find a short introduction letter to REVOLUTION GENETICS, as well as information on some of the Holstein and Jersey bulls we currently offer in our lineup.  Our goal is to approach genetics and reproduction with revolutionary ideas and solutions to help producers find success.

You can find all the bulls at www.stgen.com (Although we are not associated with ST Genetics).  Also here are a few links for you to be able to review our sire lineup:

Current HOLSTEIN Sire List:


New Upcoming HOLSTEIN Bulls:


Current JERSEY Sire List:


New Upcoming JERSEY Bulls:


Here are some other individual comments:


100HO11893 – LUTHER


·         Bred at Hilmar Holsteins and out of a GREAT Proven Cow Family WITH A MILKING DAM SCORED VG-86!

·         +140 CFP

·         Great DPR @ +2.7

·         +70 PTAP


100HO11892 – GAMBLER


·         Bred at Hilmar Holsteins and out of a GREAT Proven Cow Family

·         +140 CFP & Positive %’s

·         Great Health Traits:  2.76 SCS & +0.9 DPR


100HO11865 – DEFENDER


·         Bred at Hilmar Holsteins and out of a GREAT Proven Cow Family!

·         +142 CFP

·         Great Health Traits:  2.76 SCS & +1.0 DPR

·         Fertility reports have come back with great results!




·         New addition to our A2A2 lineup

·         From the former #1 genomic CTPI cow of the breed.

·         Tremendous Proven Cow Family

·         +118 CFP

·         +2.2 DPR


100HO11842 – MAUA


·         California Bred at Calori-D Holsteins

·         Health Traits:  2.77 SCS & +2.4 DPR

·         +117 CFP & Great Component %’s


100HO11844 – DAPPER


·         From the Ronelee Outside Dabble Family… The Same family as all the D’s at ST Genetics

·         +138 CFP & Great %’s

·         Great Production with positive DPR and 6.6% Calving Ease


100HO11845 – DOBBS


·         Big Production:  +1807 PTAM & +135 CFP

·         From the Ronelee Outside Dabble Family!

·         Positive DPR & Calving Ease


100H11864 – Sr George


·         Great Production & Health traits

·         Calving Ease

·         Protein leader

·         From a unique Jacey daughter from “Shauna”


100HO11804 – KINGKONG


·         From “Shauna”… Great Cow Family that’s producing a lot of today’s top males and females

·         Milk with Positive Health Traits

·         Positive Fertility Reports from the field


100HO11825 – SEDWICK


·         Great Sire Stack and Great Cow Family…  Dam is a tremendous EX-91 IOTA at Regancrest

·         Super Production with +62 PTAP and +130 CFP

·         +2.0 DPR

·         Commercial linear with +0.08 Stature and Positive Strength


100HO11762 – NADAL


·         Different Sire Stack from the “Shauna’s”:  Nominee x Dean x Planet Shauna

·         Great Production with Health Traits at 2.78 SCS with +2.8 DPR & 6.9 CE


100HO11515 – MILTON



·         Proven Bull with Early Daughter information coming back great!

·         Modern, Commercial mid-sized cows with tremendous udders

·         Big Production

·         Proven Calving Ease



100JE07381 – MAID WELL


MAID WELL is a full brother to the genomic giant GOT MAID who is creating a big buzz in the Jersey world.
A Harris son x Dazzler V MAID VG87 x Valentino 1 MAID VG-87 x Impuls L MAID 4 VG-87, MAID WELL is an impressive prospect in his own right, and would rank in the Top 10 of the December 2016 Genomic JPI list at +241 gJPI!!!

December 2016:

·         #4 NM$ Bull among Top 10 gJPI sires at +653 NM$

·         #4 CM$ Bull among Top 10 gJPI sires at +683 CM$

·         #3 PTAF% & #4 PTAP% bull among Top 10 gJPI sires

·         #2 PL Bull among Top 10 gJPI sires at 6.9

·         +121 CFP

·         Tremendous Proven Cow Family

·         100 BBR!!!


505JE00126 – VALIANT


·         #12 active genomic JPI bull in the breed!

·         Total Package:  Production + Health + JUI + Proven Cow Family

·         6 #1 JPI Cows (for their respective birth year) in the pedigree

·         13 Closest dams average EX-90.39%


505JE00125 – CITATION A


·         Early milking daughter reports are coming in with great news… Super Udders and Milkier than his proof!

·         Breed leading JUI

·         Proven Cow Family from Brentwood Farms


100JE07374 – CHEWBACCA


·         Different Pedigree: HIGHEST Calypso son in the Breed x Jupiter x Benefactor

·         Milk with Great DPR @ +2.0 AND low SCS @ 2.74

·         A2A2


100JE07357 – MASTER PLAN


·         From the “FAT LEADER” “MAID” Family at Sunset Canyon

·         +115 CFP & +0.18 PTAF%


100JE07375 – DINIS


·         +1107 Milk and POLLED

·         From a great Sparky daughter at Hilmar Jerseys

·         Commercial Frames at +0.10 Stature


100JE07359 – CANYON


·         SPARKY Son

·         Great Component %’s

·         A2A2


Feel free to contact me directly with any inquiries in to our sire lineup or to see what solutions REVOLUTION GENETICS can offer your business.  Join the REVOLUTION!


Check us out on Facebook at Revolution Genetics and Twitter @RevolutionGene1

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