American Dairy Science Association® Foundation to honor graduate students New literature review awards recognize excellence in dissertation writing

Champaign, IL, February 23, 2017 – Work done by graduate students, from assisting in the laboratory to authoring manuscripts, is invaluable to scientific research. For many students, an extensive literature review is part of the thesis or dissertation required to graduate. These reviews offer in-depth summaries of the literature and could be a great benefit to other researchers. Often, though, these reviews are not widely available.
“Many reviews never get published as journal articles and go unnoticed,” Michael T. Socha, PhD, chair of the American Dairy Science Association® Foundation, said. “This led to the idea of an annual contest for graduate student review papers, where the ADSA Foundation could acknowledge excellent work and help publicize literature reviews that might otherwise go unseen.”
The ADSA Foundation Graduate Student Literature Review Awards will annually recognize the work of four graduate students—two doctoral candidates and two master’s candidates—in two categories, dairy foods and dairy production. Within six months of successful thesis defense, graduate students should submit literature reviews to the Journal of Dairy Science®. These reviews will undergo standard, blinded peer review and be published as Invited Reviews, with page charges waived. All reviews that are accepted via the regular peer review process will be published in the journal, not just the award-winning reviews.
Reviews accepted within the previous two years will be considered for the award. The ADSA Foundation expects to present the first Graduate Student Literature Review Awards in 2019, meaning all literature reviews accepted between January 2017 and January 2019 would be eligible for awards. From the submitted reviews, a panel of judges will select the best and the winners will receive a plaque and a $1,000 cash prize.
The inclusion of more high-quality review papers will be a benefit to the Journal of Dairy Science, as reviews positively affect the journal’s Impact Factor. Publication will benefit the graduate students, as it allows them to add to their number of publications and increase their name recognition.
“These awards advance the mission of the ADSA Foundation and further promote the high-quality work done by graduate students worldwide,” said Socha. “We look forward to recognizing our graduate students with these awards.”

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