Did you Miss our Webinar: Preparing for ICE Visits?

Immigration Update:  Preparing for ICE Visits


ADC has received word that there have been immigrant workers detained in areas near some of our members.  It appears these detentions were focused on certain individuals.  We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the items in the following PowerPoint presentation, especially if you were not able to attend Friday’s webinar.

On February 17, the American Dairy Coalition held an informative webinar to educate dairy producers on their legal rights and how to prepare for an Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) surprise visit on their dairy operations.  An update to help attendees sort fact from fiction on President Donald Trump’s recent executive actions on immigration deportations also was discussed. 

The webinar, sponsored by Michael Best and Zoetis, featured a presentation by Kelly Fortier, a Michael Best partner in the firm’s Labor and Employment Relations practice group and Co-chair of the Immigration and International Migration team.  ADC’s goal for the webinar was to arm dairy producers and allied industry companies with the tools and knowledge necessary to successfully navigate workplace visits by immigration enforcement officials and provide best practices to ensure all employee documentation is up to date, filled out correctly and organized. 


ADC CEO Laurie Fischer provided attendees with a short update on ADC’s immigration reform efforts. ADC is working on several different immigration reform bills.   There is not a ‘one-solves-all’ approach to immigration reform at this time, so ADC is working to move several pieces of legislation in order to arm the dairy industry with the appropriate tools it needs to ensure a viable workforce in the United States.  The future ability to sustain and grow our dairy industry depends on new federal policy reform.  


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