Invest in Your Future Youth Workshop & Tag Sale

What a gorgeous, sunny day it was today in California! Today in Modesto at 9 am, kids started their day by attending the Invest in Your Future Youth Workshop. The workshop had 6 speakers focusing on all aspects of showing, and over 175 kids attending.

Stephen Mast, from Denair, California, taught kids how to bed their dairy cattle at fair.

Evan Creek, from Maryland, and Joe Hoffman, from Southern California, taught kids the fine points of clipping a dairy heifer.

Ryan Matheron, from Hilmar, California, taught kids what judges are looking for when they judge a dairy animal.

Cole Bettencourt, from Turlock, California, taught what to feed and not to feed at the show.

Natalie Sanders, from Hilmar, California, and Brady Core, from Kentucky, taught the basic show day supplies and how they are utilized on the day of show.

Jerome Meyer, from Wisconsin, and Brandon Almeida, from Hilmar, California, taught how to show a dairy animal.

Auction baskets were donated by Nasco. Kids who asked questions, won a raffle ticket in chance of winning a basket of show supplies for show day.

In the middle is the Dairy Princess of Turlock, Nicole Sanders, and alternate Alexia Nunes.

After the field day, kids and their parents were fed tri-tip sandwiches and hot dogs, cooked by Frank Borba, Manuel Cardoza, and Joe Borba, and served by the Turlock Dairy Princesses, Lindsey Nunes, Kate Teixeira and Linda Teixeira.

Soon after lunch, we headed over to the barn to see the 48 calves and heifers up for sale. While the kids played outside, offers were made for the cattle at the tag sale. The sale averaged $3,446.66, and the cow that was sold for the most was Carly-O Tequila bought by Ken Melvold, at $6,000.

The Invest in Your Future Youth Workshop & Tag Sale was made possible by the Texeira, Borba, and Nunes family. From right to left: JW Chapman, Robert & Kate Teixeira, Diane & Frank Borba, Gilbert Teixeira, Chloe Chapman, Linda Teixeira, Alexis Teixeira with Lindsey & Tommy Nunes

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