Immigration Action Needed: Contact Your Senator Today

Educate Your Senator: Help Us Pass Meaningful Immigration Reform

A new senate bill may threaten the amount of available visas drastically.  The ‘Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment Act’, sponsored by Senators Tom Cotton (R-AK) and David Perdue (R-GA), aims to reduce the influx of  workers drastically in hopes to reserve jobs for low skilled American workers.  The bill would place tighter restrictions and caps on certain visa types, such as family based visas, and eliminate certain visa categories all together.The aim of this bill is to limit immigration to high skilled workers to reserve low skilled jobs for Americans.  This bill is a concern to the dairy and agriculture industry, as many well-paying jobs continue to go unfilled by domestic workers year after year.   One thing is clear, jobs on the farm are not desirable to most American workers regardless of wage and benefits.  This bill restricts the ability of farmers to have access to a safe, legal workforce.

What Can You Do? The American Dairy Coalition fights each day to ensure your voice is heard on Capitol Hill, however, the most powerful voice of all is your own.   We encourage you to reach out to your Senators and help them to understand the struggles you face in finding workers to milk your cows.  We must work together to educate federal legislators on the importance of providing a legal workforce for the dairy and agriculture industry.

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