California Awards Banquet Pictures

Junior Awards

National Convention Participants

presented by Kirsten Areas

2016 National Holstein Convention Junior Dairy Bowl Champions

Captain Hayley Fernandes, Jacob Fernandes, Abbi Prims, & Kylie Konyn 

2016 National Holstein Convention Senior Dairy Bowl Champions

Captain Hannah Van Dyk, Siana Barrett, Mackenzie Elmer, & Hannah Mancebo

2016 1st place Senior Dairy Jeopardy

 Alex Gambonini

 2016 Dairy Jeopardy Contestants

Lindsey Elmer & Karleen Lopez

2016 Senior Speech Contest Contestant

Bobby Marchy

2016 3rd place Junior Speech Contest

Kylie Konyn

2016 2nd place Senior Written Exam

Mackenzie Elmer

2016 Junior Written Exam

Jacob Fernandes (1st place) & Hayley Fernandes (3rd place)


Breeders of the Future presented by Lacee Paulo

Boy: Billy Marchy

Girl: Kylie Konyn

Courtney Borba Memorial Scholarship presented by Frank Borba

Awarded to Brandon Almeida

Earl Grahm Memorial Scholarship presented by Kate Texeira

Awarded to Elizabeth Regusci

Wilbur & Irene Gomes Memorial presented by Patti Gomes

Awarded to Hannah Van Dyk (not present)

Milli Rollin Memorial presented by Donny Rollins

Awarded to Bobby Marchy

World-Wide Sires presented by Lisa Gallichio

Awarded to Bobby Marchy, Derrick Nunes (not present), and Kiara Gilardi

Founders Scholarship presented by Mike Moretti

Awarded to Brandon Almeida & Alex Gambonini

Coldwell Solar Scholarships: presented by Kirsten Areias

Awarded to Bobby Marchy, Derrick Nunes (not present), and Kiara Gilardi

Honorary Junior Member: presented by Kiara Gilardi

Awarded to Carol Regusci

Senior Awards

 AJ Quist Memorial Breeder of the Year: presented by Joey Airoso

Awarded to Adam & Lacy Van Exel

Doug Maddox Memorial Senior Breeder of the Year presented by Dennis Areias

Awarded to Deeno Migliazzo

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